Rejuvenation by plasma dilution – First results

After my 3 sessions of plasma dilution by membrane plasmapheresis (see previous posts), the last one been on December 23, I had some blood tests done on January 25, 2021. All the results are posted below. I am still waiting on the epigenetic age results by

First, the results:

Chronological age3434343434
Epigenetic age (, derivated from Horvath Original 2013)30Sample lost by UPSWaiting for data
Levine’s Phenotypical age clock (blood)2226
IGF-1146 ug/L179 ug/L
Haemoglobin143 g/L155
Haematocrit0.416 L/L0.467 L/L
Red Cell Count4.57 x10^12/L5.09 x10^12/L
MCV91.2 fl91.8 fl
MCH31.3 pg30.4 pg
MCHC343 g/L331 g/L
White Cell Count4.51 x10^9/L4.38 x10^9/L
Neutrophils1.34 x10^9/L1.16 x10^9/L
Lymphocytes2.69 x10^9/L2.75 x10^9/L
Monocytes0.29 x10^9/L0.27 x10^9/L
Eosinophils0.06 x10^9/L0.07 x10^9/L
Basophils0.11 x10^9/L0.1 x10^9/L
Platelet Count191 x10^9/L208 x10^9/L
MPV12.3 fL11.8 f
Urea8.30 mmol/L6.30 mmol/L
Creatinine84 umol/L91 umol/L
eGFR90.74 ml/min/1.73m282.73 ml/min/1.73m2
Bilirubin6.60 umol/L12.00 umol/L
ALP70.00 IU/L73.00 IU/L
ALT20.60 IU/L17.90 IU/L
GGT14.00 IU/L12.00 IU/L
Total Protein68.30 g/L67.30 g/L
Albumin46.90 g/L39.90 g/L
Globulin21.4 g/L27.4 g/L
SHBG65.10 nmol/L53.80 nmol/L
HbA1c29.6 mmol/mol30.94 mmol/mol
Total Cholesterol6.37 mmol/L5.62 mmol/L
LDL Cholesterol3.75 mmol/L3.06 mmol/L
Non HDL Cholesterol4.13 mmol/L3.24 mmol/L
HDL Cholesterol2.24 mmol/L2.38 mmol/L
Triglycerides0.84 mmol/L0.40 mmol/L
CRP HS0.65 mg/L0.56 mg/L
Uric Acid281.00 umol/L261.00 umol/L
Creatine Kinase101.00 IU/L72.00 IU/L
Iron19.69 umol/L25.51 umol/L
TIBC68.19 umol/L63.01 umol/L
UIBC48.50 umol/L37.50 umol/L
Transferrin Saturation28.88%40.49 %
Ferritin25.50 ug/L46.90 ug/L
TSH2.93 mIU/L2.01 mIU/L
Free T33.61 pmol/L4.19 pmol/L
Free Thyroxine15.400 pmol/L17.200 pmol/L
FSH9.65 IU/L9.30 IU/L
LH4.61 IU/L4.84 IU/L
Oestradiol99.20 pmol/L88.90 pmol/L
Testosterone25.60 nmol/L19.30 nmol/L
Prolactin261.00 mU/L351.00 mU/L
DHEA Sulphate5.420 umol/L6.150 umol/L
Cortisol587.000 nmol/L675.000 nmol/L
Thyroglobulin Antibodies<10 kIU/L<10 kIU/L
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies<9.0 kIU/<9.0 kIU/L
Lipoprotein A105 nmol/L109 nmol/L

To give more context to this results:

My cholesterol markers markedly improved. A few years ago I ate a very high fat high calories diet for a few months, and since then my cholesterol has been very high. It has been very slowly going done, but the procedure seems to have had a positive effect, with a marked drop in total and LDL cholesterol, a slight increase in HDL and a more than 50% drop in triglycerides level.

My inflammation (hsCRP) got a bit better.

Iron markers increased substantially, but this is because I used to donate blood every 3 months and last time was September 14, 2020. So the change has very likely nothing to do with the procedure, it is just a normalization.

In conclusion, what I can say is that the results are equivocal. The Levine phenoblood age clock got worse (by about 4 years), almost all of which driven by a huge drop in serum albumin. Other areas improved, but often these was a continuation of existing trends. Overall the results got better, but at this point I can not say that this procedure induces rejuvenation. There can be many interpretations. Maybe I am too young and healthy. Maybe using membrane filtration rather than centrifugal force causes some issues (it is certainly the opinion of the russian biohackers who had a similar trial recently). Maybe I am not measuring the correct endpoints. But whatever it is, once I will have received the epigenetic age result, I intend to repeat the procedure a second time, with maybe an adjusted protocol based on information I am gathering. Or I may start directly with more aged volunteers.

To be continued.